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Laurent Nivalle

Photographer & Creative Director

“Based in Paris, I’m an artistic director, photographer and film director for the french car company Citroën in the design department for the last 14 years.” Rock attitude, jeans always, shaved head, Laurent Nivalle clashes. Always on the go, this dry guitar enthusiast continues a flawless journey, where instinct and lack of formatting have earned him to be both the mascot and the free electron in the Citroën / DS style department, where he signs today almost all the images and films. An ideal posture for this artist whose freedom is the major asset. Human, full of humor, go-getter, Laurent Nivalle walks through life, his 5D and Leica slung over his shoulder and captures everything that moves. His artistic curiosity allows him to have a wide range of photographic activities: portrait, automobile, fashion … His clear, personal, uncompromising work now makes him one of the most coveted photographers not only in the automotive sector, but also in premium fashion and ready-to-wear.

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Showing all 11 results