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Walking alone

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The artwork

A story about a man walking alone in the infinite egyptian desert. Deep nostalgia emanates from this moment. An encounter between eras, dynasties that we have never known but which have always fascinated us. A photograph witnessing the passage of time, like the heap of sand on the remains of humanity. Who is this individual? Certainly a part of each of us …

The artist

21 years old and full of talent. Karim is an Egyptian artist and photographer based in Cairo. He is the youngest talent in our selection. His works are a subtle blend of immediacy, imagination and technical challenges. “I have always been interested in travel photography, but I only started taking pictures very recently.” With a fresh eye, hard work and a true artistic gift, Karim reinvents travel photography to offer us his unique perspectives. He finds his inspiration right at home in Egypt, a land of history, mystery and fascination. “For me, artistic creation is also an escape from everything that happens in everyday life”. And to help us escape, Karim succeeds in sublimating landscapes by exploiting their minimalism, making us travel in almost unreal and timeless spaces.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire