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The shower

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The artwork

Provocative elegance and supremacy of a woman.

The artist

Dasha and Mari are award-winning and recognized photographers, but first and foremost twin sisters, and hail from Kiev, Ukraine. They specialize in fashion, nude and psychological portraits. They have extensive experience in the fashion industry, having worked in London, Paris, Milan and Berlin. The universe in which they immerse us flirts with certain cinematographic codes, and seeks to tell us a story … A universe reinforced by its timeless side: “Combining modernity and classics, allows us to emphasize the elegance and sensuality of our models and the situations in which we immerse them.” The photographs by these authors are compositional balanced, deep and sumptuous. The delicacy plays with erotic nuances. Their work benefits from more than 12 years of professional expertise and testifies to their involvement in the community. HEARST Magazines UK selected them for the Masters in Photography program in Cambridge, UK. Dasha & Mari also graduated from Kingston University, London, in 2018. Their photographic work has also won awards in numerous international competitions and today they work with major magazines, fashion brands and galleries art from around the world. Many of their works are held by private collectors and art lovers.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire