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Tetris Architecture

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The artwork

Photographie numérique
The Torre Velasca is a skyscraper built in the 1950s by the BBPR architectural partnership, in Milan, Italy. The tower is part of the first generation of Italian modern architecture. It is a landmark in the Milanese Urban Landscape. The tower, approximately 100 meters tall, has a peculiar and characteristic mushroom-like shape. It stands out in the city skyline, made of domes, buildings and other towers.

The artist

My name is Kostas Kapranis and I am an architect and freelance outdoor and adventure photographer that grew up in Germany and moved to a small town in Greece. Since I can remember, I can say for sure that I feel most alive when I am outside, discovering, searching for new adventures. I was fascinated by the idea of traveling to all corners of the earth, and it remains my ultimate dream. My passion for photography began eight years ago when a camera found its way into my hands. My life today is only the result of that. I believe that passion is a powerful sentiment hidden deep inside us until it is awoken.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire