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The artwork

Exploring one’s feminine energy in a tough world.

This series of photographs questions the boundaries between genres. It portrays a youth in which masculine and feminine intermingle and merge, creating a social utopia in which man and woman mix their identities. Trouble, ambiguity, resemblance, for a generation that takes the freedom of choice and frees itself from yesterday’s identity codes.

This text accompanied Nouta’s photographs at the Palais de Tokyo in September 2020 during the exhibition Jusqu’ici tout va bien, whose curators were none other than Ladj Ly, JR, Mathieu Kassovitz and Hugo Vitrani. We have selected some of the “leftovers” of the exhibition, those photos that have remained outside the walls of the Palais, except for one… Through this process, we offer Nouta the opportunity to unveil on our walls those images that are equally dear to her.

The artist

Nouta’s gaze is built to the rhythm of the click of her Minolta. She represents a new generation, prone to even greater and deeper doubts than those faced by our elders. Film as a soft weapon, she shoots a reality and a youth out of step, taking up the never extinguished torch of the street school, Kourtrajmé. Today, her talent guides her in the streets as well as in the studios of major fashion brands, who appreciate at least as much as we do the vivid and sharp eye of the Iranian tiger.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire