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parade 001

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The artwork

Fiji and the Cloud Break spot seen from below the surface. In this picture, my friend Ash Keillah, pro Australian surfer. It was the first time he went back on a big surf spot since losing his eye. A man who became a source of inspiration in his country, and better known as “The Friendly Pirate”.

The artist

Born 1984. Paris based. Fabien is a french photographer. His work depicts a love of the great outdoors and a passion for intimate portraits. Raised near the French coastal town Nantes, Fabien has kept a deep connection to the ocean that leads him to work frequently in Australia, California and French Bask Country. Fabien is a member of the Patagonia “Change Makers” community. His work has been exhibited in Paris and Tokyo. His commercial clients include : Burberry, Oris, Vice, Peugeot, Quicksilver, Le Monde, Ruinart, Air France Madame, Nike, Samsung, Talisker…

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire