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Les copains de board

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The artwork

It was mid afternoon at Cambury beach in Brazil. I met up with some skateboarding friends that I hadn’t seen since my arrival, and after our reunion, I took a portrait of one of them, Murilo Pères, a Brazilian pro-skater with whom I usually share sessions. Then, I wanted to immortalize the moment with a group photo. And the magic happened, the two shots were superimposed upon the film, giving birth to this double exposure, full of meaning in my eyes.

The artist

“It was during the shooting of a documentary on skateboarding that I developed a taste for images. Or rather to the composition of a photo. By observing the work of my director friends and their way of working, I also felt like I could start composing and producing my own images”. At the age of 23, Edi travels around the world to train and compete in skateboard competitions. It’s a lifestyle he has always dreamed of, but it also requires him to invest in his daily life as a top athlete. “These trips have allowed me to meet new people, make new families around the globe and discover new cultures. This is what I want to share with as many people as possible through my photos. I’m immersed in an omnipresent skateboarding culture, and more broadly a gliding culture, that’s where all my energy comes from and where it goes”. Thanks to his luminous and full of life photographs, Edi transports us into the universe of an ambitious young adult who follows his dreams, without borders.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire