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L'Enfant de Tanzanie

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The artwork

Tanzanian children’s ritual, with their traditional make-up. His face at the edge of the track stopped me dead in my tracks while I was driving, I still have the same feeling when I see this picture today, a piercing look that crosses time and space.

The artist

A professional filmmaker and photographer, JC has travelled the world, passing through more than 60 countries to produce photo and video documentaries. Former freestyle BMX professional, creator of sport and music festivals, his career is very atypical. “My multiple experiences outside of my job in the image industry have been a strength to train me professionally, and create the activity I had always dreamed of”. Today, JC shares this dream with us through his selection of photographs captured from the four corners of the world. A committed reporter, he documents in images the fields that fascinate him, such as the preservation of animals and their natural environment.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire