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La valse à trois points

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The artwork

The three points waltz: No matter what his kicking routine looks like, the goalkicker sticks scrupulously to each time of it. It is a millimiter dance.

The artist

From Eurosport’s video operations to the edge of the rugby fields, Thibault is a passionate person who lives the emotions of sport to the fullest. His passion for photography has led him to offer us a selection of photographs that sublimates his favorite sport and offers open-mindedness beyond the action. “Even before I had a foot in the world of photography, my passion for sports, and especially rugby, goes back to when as a child I used to see my father in front of the television pushing on his arms and legs to give strength to the scrums of the France XV squad. The meaning I give to my work is the direct result of the way I grew up and built myself. At first as a supporter, I was looking for the emotions inherent to competition but above all I found an aesthetic pleasure in the movements and gestures. I spent a lot of time watching match recaps, knowing off by heart every action, every plan, every comment from the journalists. Even today it is a pleasure that I have kept and that I sometimes use as an anxiolytic. My other great passion, cinema, led me to audiovisual studies. I was first a videographer until the day I discovered sports art photography. Until then, I had never considered putting the work of the artistic image at the service of the sporting aesthetic. I understood that sports photography transcended the sports image into something superior, where one often loses all notion of temporality, sometimes of dimension and where the perspectives are new, where the gesture is magnified and brought to be read differently”.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire