Infinity Pool

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The artwork

Photographie numérique
When the sky and sea become one to offer an infinite swim.

A few themes from this artwork:

The artist

I am from Paris and I am 31 years old. I am an artistic director in commercials. I have always been passionate about photography, image and “beauty” in a more global way. I made it my job so that I could find myself in search of aesthetics in everything I do, all the time. If being a photographer might have seemed like the perfect playground for me, I quickly knew that I was not going to live up to my demands. So I tried to develop a different connection with the image. Since 2016 and for this famous pleasure of the image, I have created a project called Anomaly. The idea: to produce surreal images; associations of images that do not work – a priori – together. It is by combining them that the “anomaly” is created naturally. I have always favored a minimalist approach, convinced that a visual idea should be simple and obvious. From this simplicity a story is born, which everyone is free to interpret in their own way. This paradox requires a subtle balance between the simplicity of an idea and a real sense of aesthetics. Anomaly is a fantastic creative playground for me. A field in which aesthetics is my only goal and my only constraint.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire

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