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Horse Bathing

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The artwork

Manoel Island, Malta. April, 2020 An absurd view. The animal’s gaze questions us, already halfway into another reality. The shapes and colors, which respond to each other in reflections, finish composing this strange painting.

The artist

The Russian documentary and portrait photographer, Daria Troitskaia, was born in Saint Petersburg, brought up in Vienna, and is now living in Milan, Italy. Formally trained at an art school and well-versed in graphic and web design, she has also worked as an art director before she turned to photography full-time. Guided by her continuous interest in photography on a practical and a theoretical level, she completed several courses in photography, among them the “Sotheby’s course Art as Global Business”, to enhance her skills in photography and art. She is releasing “Maltese Exposures”, a book with street photography motives of Malta in 2020, she is now working on several photography projects. Apart from shooting and learning photography, Troitskaia is also interested in the cameras themselves: she has assembled an impressive collection of cameras and enjoys experimenting with different equipment. Daria also collects art and photography books.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire