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Foggy Mornings

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The artwork

Photographie numérique
This amazing scenery is towards the Pertouli Ski Resort, Greece catching the morning fog spreading hesitantly between the tree tops. The road further down is leading deep into the mountain range of Pindos and some fantastic small and traditional greek villages.

The artist

My name is Kostas Kapranis and I am an architect and freelance outdoor and adventure photographer that grew up in Germany and moved to a small town in Greece. Since I can remember, I can say for sure that I feel most alive when I am outside, discovering, searching for new adventures. I was fascinated by the idea of traveling to all corners of the earth, and it remains my ultimate dream. My passion for photography began eight years ago when a camera found its way into my hands. My life today is only the result of that. I believe that passion is a powerful sentiment hidden deep inside us until it is awoken.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire