Face à Face

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The artwork

David vs Goliath. Népal. Octobre 2019.
Face to face with the mythical Cholatse, the nostalgia of David Göttler thinking of his friend Ueli Steck. The best of us leave too soon. The one who lived his dreams to death.

A few themes from this artwork:

The artist

Mathis Dumas, 26, is a UFO. An Unidentified Fearless Object that gravitates in the universe of the mountains. Its trajectory is as singular as its profile is unique. Passion as a compass and sharing it as a cardinal point, he offers us unique works that only he has the power to capture.
“Photography is an art. But also a sport”. Initially arriving in the Alps in order to pursue his dreams of a high level career in ice climbing, the mountains became a real playground for him. “I’ve become a jack of all trades who can handle a lot of different sports”. Sports performances that today allow him to accompany the best athletes and serve his gift as a passionate photographer at high altitude. “I realized that every sport has its codes, and that if you don’t master them, it’s difficult to be sensitive to them and to grasp their beauty”. A mastery that allows him to access secret places, which he reveals to us through breathtaking perspectives. His desire to share and not to live the mountains alone could sound like a façade speech. Except that one last aspect, certainly the one he is most proud of, confirms this simple and human ambition: he is also a high mountain guide with the Compagnie de Chamonix.
“The sportsman sees the mountain as a challenge, a performance. He only thinks about the hard things. The guide only thinks of the beautiful things…”.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire

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