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The artwork

Photographie numérique
This single shot was taken on a bitterly cold morning off the West Coast of Greenland. With temperatures dropping below -20º, I watched abstract berg layers catch a slither of morning light against ominous Greenlandic skies. The cold textures of these render-like Icebergs have a presence of their own and the digital preservation of sights like this is what drives me as a photographer.

The artist

Kyle Vollaers is a South-African adventure and lifestyle photographer, currently freelancing throughout the world. Kyle is known for his soft cinematic style of photography, and his unique ability to capture seemingly ordinary locations in a beautiful way.
Kyle began his creative career as a street artist and musician on the bustling streets of Cape Town, South Africa. He transferred this creative energy to photography in 2016 and has since amassed a stunning portfolio of travel, landscape, and lifestyle photos.

Kyle is hyper-focused on using his photography to create positive change in the world, and his current body of work reflects this.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire