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Desecrated Realm

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The artwork

Mayotte is known by some for its sad records of turtle massacres. But the island is also plagued by illegal deforestation. At the bend of one of the dangerous paths of the island, I stopped in front of this decapitated tree, one of the last condemned to death in the virgin forest that it is more than urgent to save.

The artist

“I think that during my childhood I spent more time using my dad cameras than him. I’ve always been feeling the need to capture the moments that meant something to me. Growing on a sailing boat forced me to become a contemplative guy. I had to make something with all this time – that can stretch a lot at sea – so I started to record it on films and memory cards” Max spent his youth on his parents wooden ship and on Oléron island in France. Then he decided to stick with his passion for his living. “Today I try to record beautiful stories as a director of photography. This job already took me to incredible places, and made me feel joy and excitation as well as doubt and fear.” His pictures also show the importance of nature conservation for him. “The places I capture are beautiful but often endangered. Creating memories of those will not save them but I hope that my work will help convince people who are still wondering about the importance of conservation.”

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire