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Dance 4 eternity

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The artwork

Come and go, hot and polished pebbles of a cove, in the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira

The artist

Zakary Beauvois is sailor and an independent photographer born in 1997. He grew up in Normandy, brought up near windy landscapes and the omnipresent sea, surrounded by nature’s admirable light. Son of a seaman, Zak develops a desire for traveling at an early age. Throughout the miles he has travelled and the years that passed, he discovered the world and cultivated his sensibility. He learnt not to just look at his surroundings, but to see through them. From these experiences came the natural need and desire for Zak to capture the intensity of the moment, the peculiarities of nature’s light. Through his photography Zak narrates stories about large open spaces, the troubling or breathtaking unknown, and replaces Man in the middle of nature’s greater whole.

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