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Concrete Surfer

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The artwork

Photographie argentique
Shot on 35mm film, Portra 400 / Los Angeles, California

This is a fresh perspective from the classic skatepark in Venice, an eclectic neighborhood in Los Angeles that is full of wondrous character. I absolutely love the vibe here. And somehow in this image, it feels ok to be just me.

The artist

Marvin is an American born, Korean-American. His photography beautifully reflects the places he has traveled to and the places he has lived while utilizing film and digital cameras.
Having delved into film making as a former visual effects artist for major motion pictures, his cinematic experience strongly influences his photographic work.
While he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, he has lived in several other states in the US, and often reverts back to his past to discover nostalgic experiences in all the places he used to call home. It is no wonder now, how comfortable he is able to travel in any part of the world to create timeless moments.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire