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The phantom threat

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The artwork

Photographie numérique
Sarhad-e Broghil, Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

The Wakhis used to hunt in the Pamir Mountains, in the far north-east of Afghanistan. But now many species, such as wolves and leopards, are protected by the government and killing them has been banned. So sometimes, accidents happen in the villages. In winter, marmots hibernate and predators have less to eat. That’s why they come to prowl around the villages, to catch food like goats or sheep. The Wakhis are therefore obliged to constantly monitor their herds.

The artist

After several experiences in editorial offices, at Vanity Fair, Arte or Figaro Magazine, Maïlys Derville set up her own business in 2018 as a freelance journalist. It was also that year that she crossed paths with Corinne Vachon, a French photographer who has been documenting the lives of nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples for over ten years. Together, they went to Kenya, Afghanistan, Romania and Kyrgyzstan, each time with the aim of putting into perspective the history of men and women still living mostly in tradition. But if some of them try hard to perpetuate it, others open up little by little to the rest of the world and to the evolution… Photography appears then as one of the best means to testify and leave a trace. During these immersions, Maïlys develops a real love for the image, alongside her mentor, Corinne. At the crossroads between the artistic and the documentary, her photographic work has only one ambition: to capture the emotion of a scene and the essence of its subjects.

Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire