Our Gallery Quality


All Perspectives photographs are inkjet prints on art paper made in a professional laboratory.

We use art paper and certified finishes for museum and art gallery exhibits.

Limited Edition

All our prints are numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. The same artwork can be available in 1000 editions. Each format corresponds respectively to a particular limitation :

  • 300, 250 and 200 editions for the S, M and L formats;
  • 150, 90 and 10 editions for XL, 2XL and 3XL formats.

The inkjet printing…

The silver print and the pigmentary print (or ”inkjet”) are the two certified techniques for printing art photographs in galleries and museums.

... a qualitative and durable choice

While silver prints are trendy and cost up to 8 times less to produce, Perspectives chose to offer only inkjet prints in order to offer its customers the most qualitative and durable products over time.

It is in this quest for meaning and excellence that our manufacturing processes have been studied and reflected upon by our team in collaboration with the most efficient master printers and art papermakers.

A real






The pigment print chosen by Perspectives is an innovation that uses an ink composed of organic matter encapsulated in microscopic resin bubbles.

This printing technique has appeared much more recently thanks to the development of new printing technologies to allow the jet of micro-droplets of ink on art paper specially designed to freeze them.

The High






Whether in the colorimetric rendering or the precision of details, inkjet printing technique offers much better performance in the intensity of colors and tones.

The pigment inkjet print guarantees exceptional performance for the conservation of inks: from 75 to 150 years against 35 years for silver prints. Its resistance to time alterations makes it the most durable solution adapted to our values.