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Alex Peneau

Film Director & Productor, Basque Country

“Between the ocean and the mountains, that’s where I draw my inspiration, where I find my whole universe.” Originally from a small village in the Médoc, it is on the Basque coast that Alex Peneau decided to settle down and create his production company. Film director, author and photographer, Alex has a particular approach to his work. “I got interested in images later in life, after having spent my youth making music. For me, an image is composed like a piece of music: it is above all the expression of a feeling. My approach to photography is a special mixture of mastery and chance. Inspired by the documentary genre, I give way to a lot of space for reality, and the unexpected events that entails. I have learned through photography that you often have to push a little further than the next street, the next hill or the next wave”.

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Showing all 7 results